Whether you have 1 phone or 100 phones we can make technology work for you.

  • Business Telephone Systems come in a variety of technologies. Some phone systems will have equipment on your premise, others will be completely hosted in the cloud, and some systems may be a hybrid of the two. The question is which one is right for your business. Wyatt Communications represents manufacturers and services supporting VoIP, Digital, and Hosted platforms. We will define your needs and implement the proper technology for your organization at a cost effective price.
  • Unified Communications integrates the functionality of your phone to your desktop. These programs ease the use of telephone features, integrate speed dialing with programs like Outlook, integrates voicemail on your computer desktop, and others.
  • Music On Hold. You work hard on developing relationships so your organization can grow. You invest in marketing, web sites, and sales people, but when a customer calls what will they hear? Customized messages on hold provides you a golden opportunity to inform the caller about your services and projects the professionalism of your organization.
  • Conference Services. Professional conferencing services and web presentations are tools that can help you reach out to your customers in a quick and professional manner. See details below to learn more.

Wyatt Communications can help you customize a communications package that is right for you. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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