Managed Services for Phone Systems

You buy technology and implement it in your business. Then you discover the cost of ownership service, maintenance, software license renewal, updates, and additional equipment as you grow. Every time a technician walks in your door money goes out.

With Managed Services for Phone Systems, Wyatt Communications truly partners with our customers to assure that the technology provided today can be renewed, refreshed, or replaced to serve your organization's needs.

Managed Services for Phone Systems provides a new industry standard for consultation, education, and special services to let technology actually make a difference in your business.

Wyatt Comunications is evolving with technology, and we are well situated for the future. However, it is time for us to adjust our business model to keep in step with our industry. In accordance with those changes, we will be changing our methods and procedures to meet your needs in a more effective way.

For our customers who have transitioned to our Hosted/Cloud platforms, please direct service requests to the CQ Simple Help Desk. You can access support by sending your service requests to

Those with any other products will continue to request service at

As always, we strive to be your technology advisor. We partner with several local vendors to bring you the right answer. Whether it is Voice, Data, or Video, we can help.