Managed Services for Phone Systems

You buy technology and implement it in your business. Then you discover the cost of ownership service, maintenance, software license renewal, updates, and additional equipment as you grow. Every time a technician walks in your door money goes out.

With Managed Services for Phone Systems, Wyatt Communications truly partners with our customers to assure that the technology provided today can be renewed, refreshed, or replaced to serve your organization’s needs.

Managed Services for Phone Systems provides a new industry standard for consultation, education, and special services to let technology actually make a difference in your business.

Service Covered Under the Program

  • Addition of new technology at any time without extension of the term of the partnership plan
  • Refresh or renewal of equipment after 24 months with no change in payment
  • Waiver of labor charges when equipment is added or replaced under the partnership program
  • Waiver of labor charges associated with software upgrades added under the partnership plan provisions
  • $0 deductible insurance against Acts of God
  • Replacement of defective equipment
  • Waiver of charges for troubleshooting carrier problems
  • Waiver of charges if the problem is determined to be other devices such as faxes, credit card machines, computer modems, alarm systems and other devices connected to Internet or phone services
  • Waiver of no trouble found calls
  • Programming changes to phone systems included
  • Programming changes to voicemail included
  • Programming changes to phones included
  • Update of Labels on Phones
  • Replacement of handset cords and line cords
  • No labor charges for adds, moves, or changes
  • Backup and archiving of system data base where applicable
  • No charge for system software upgrades where applicable
  • Remote service support via telephone, e-mail, or fax
  • Remote programming changes
  • User and Administrator training
  • Relocation of equipment under the partner program to a new location within our defined service area
  • No Trip Charges
  • Discounted voice and data cabling